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I am so sorry this post has taken me a few weeks to upload! I literally came back from Iceland, had the busiest week ever, had to unpack, repack, and leave for Napa! My Napa recap will be coming live to the blog soon, as well, so I can’t wait to share that with you!

Ok…Iceland! WOW, where do I even begin? It. Was. Amazing. I have always wanted to go after hearing what a great time friends have had on bachelor parties there, and boy were they right! What an adventure/trip of a lifetime! My family and I wanted to do something special for my dad’s birthday so we decided on a trip to Iceland. This was always on my dads bucket list, as well as all of ours, so it really couldn’t be a better time to tackle Reykjavik. People love to travel to Reykjavik in the summer time because there is 24/7 daylight, but we decided to go in the pitch black, ha! Actually, loads of people travel there when we went, December 14th-18th, in hopes of seeing The Northern Lights. If you are lucky enough to see them, I am jealous! There was literally zero electromagnetic energy in the sky throughout our trip, so we were unable to see the beautiful sky lit up! Such a bummer! There are ONLY 6 hours of daylight a day at this time of year and you can’t even begin to imagine it unless you are there! It was truly surreal. We would get up at 10am and I would look out my window and, boom, pitch black! But, I swear it was epic. Crazy to even think about, but it was so much fun and to say we had tons of laughs is an understatement!

I am going to take you through all of our info so you can print this out and save it for the next time you wish to plan a trip to Iceland! It was truly magical, even though we did not see The Northern Lights, and a trip my family will remember for a lifetime.

Where we stayed: Tower Suites Reykjavik This is only an eight bedroom hotel and we took up three of them! It lays atop a corporate office building, which is SO unique and interesting, but when in Iceland, right!? One night, we were the only ones in the hotel, so we had a little after party after dinner for my dads birthday in the common area. Even when other people were there, I didn’t see them once! You just feel like you’re in your own Villa.

How we traveled: Everything is very distanced from one another in Iceland, so we arranged for a Sprinter to drive us around the entire trip. The company that handled this arrangement for us is Nordic Luxury The drivers and guide were amazing and felt like part of our family while there. They were super prompt and educated on all things Iceland! Halldor was our driver and Sigrun was our guide.

Where we ate: We would eat breakfast in the hotel before our adventurous afternoons or bring a breakfast bar into the car with us. For lunch, we ate at The Tomato Greenhouse, which is a solar powered tomato farm! It was very cool to see (photos above). The other two days for lunch, us girls grabbed brunch in town while the boys went snowmobiling and we also at lunch in a secret cave during our helicopter ride one day. There are some pics above! For dinner, we ate at Grill Market, Kopar, Kol, and Fish Market. Out of all four, we were most disappointed with Fish Market, but it was still good. The restaurants are all cozy and warm and just give you that “vacation feeling”. Beware of the light pours of vodka, lol. The Lane family was not keen on that ;).

What we did: OMG, the adventures seemed to never end and it was truly magical!

The first day we went Dune Buggeying in the early morning (see video below of my brother’s ride! I couldn’t dare take out the go-pro and shoot because I was shaking and drenched!). Look how dark it is! I drove my mom and I in a pouring rain storm! Still literally NO idea how I did that and thinking of my mom in a wet suit holding on for dear life still makes me want to pee in my pants, but she was such a good sport. We couldn’t believe that they actually let us out there under these weather conditions, but we managed and walked away alive, so thank heavens.

We then toured the Golden Circle and hit up the exploding Geyser’s and the Gullfoss Waterfall.

The second day we went on a helicopter ride for my dads birthday. It was a magical day; one of the most magical of my life, actually. We were on pins and needles about whether or not we would be able to fly all day and pit stop at a secret location for lunch. In the morning, they said we weren’t able to leave yet because of weather, so we walked around town nervously awaiting on the pilot’s a-okay! We had a hotdog at the famous place in town (photo above) and grabbed a hot cocoa until we finally got word that we could fly! We were SO excited and surprised my dad at the helicopter pad to take off for what he thought was just a tour. As we glided over Reykjavik, we started hovering over a little cave that was lit up with fire tikis. As we lowered, we all screamed, “Surpriseeee!”! It was such a cool moment. The picture above is of the cave. Right out of a movie, this was just epic. My dad was blown away. When we walked into the cave, there was a chef and host there for us with tons of food and alcohol to warm us up. We were bundled up and eating like cavemen, surrounded by a fireplace and beautiful setting. It was pure magic. After the lunch, we rode around more, then headed back to the hotel for an amazing dinner. This night we ate at Kol and it was fabulous.

The third day we went to The Blue Lagoon. This was literally my dream! It was jam packed with tourists, so make sure to get tickets to go to the private, VIP locker rooms/suites if you can. There is a private waiting area, like a spa, and private pool (the photos are up on my instagram and above). Since I was dreaming of having my “magical, foggy-lit picture moment”, that was quickly shut down because it was PITCH black when we were there. Sigh. I did my best to capture some moments but everything was just too dark! Nonetheless, SUCH a special time! You put face masks on, grab drinks, and just float around with happy strangers who can’t see anything. Does that not sound amazing!? Lol. It was my favorite adventure we went on, so it’s a MUST DO on your trip to Iceland.

As the trip came to a close the next day, it was extremely sad to leave all of our new Iceland friends behind! Everyone who toured us around was so nice, as well as the local people. JUST SO SWEET! I highly recommend this trip for anyone craving adventure and something different. You will have loads of laughs, step out of your comfort zone, and make the most incredible, never-to-be-forgotten memories. Thank you for joining me on my journey!



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