Thirty-One? Single? Goddess.

“WHY AND HOW ON EARTH ARE YOU SINGLE!?” Excuse me? Welcome to my life.

At this point, I should have a button over my heart that when pushed always says, “I just haven’t met the one, I just haven’t met the one”, like one of those creepy bears. I could nearly chug a bottle of tequila. Being 31, single, and looking for Mr. Right is probably the most effin scariest thing in the world. And like, I mean it! But there is also something so special and liberating about it. There is so much ahead of you when you find the right man and those are the things that, as single ladies, we should focus on and fantasize about, not stress about when he will fall out of the sky and hand you some bling. That kindaa sounds like a wet dream. Anyway, In my past, I could be dying in bed for two months over a breakup and my friends and family would be like, “Get up and get out there! We can’t wait to see who is next!” Like, seriously.? I am dying, dead, grave, R.I.P. Don’t you see me all white and pasty and soooo skinny? Wait, this possibly calls for a Miami trip? And they are always right. Getting out there and being excited about your journey is the only way to attract the people you want. There is too much awesomeness in one person, YOU, duh, to get down about getting older and being single. My name is Lindsi and yes, I am 31. I am single. I am pretty much the only single ones left of my best friends. But just because I’m 31 doesn’t make me weird, or crazy, or a lunatic (ahem, so many are) that no one wants to date, I just know what I am worth and waiting for a worthy man. Amen! If you feel discouraged (and we all have our off days), I promise you girl, he is looking for you too! So, just trust the universe and try to relax. Friends have always been impressed by my continuous fight for love so I want to rub that strength off on you…right now….this instant, you sexy lady!

Being thirty-one and single makes you a Goddess to know, to be around, and a role model. Here is why:

1. You have life experience. Whether it be career, relationships, or love, you ride the wave that life has to offer as the years go on. With life experience comes brain power, with brain power comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes weeding out the men you know you don’t want.

2. You will never settle. The question that we used to ask ourselves was, “If I am thirty-one and single, won’t he think I am crazy or something is wrong with me?” And now the question to ask ourselves is, “Is this guy good enough for me?” Boy, have the tables turned!

3. You know who you are. You have grown to love every bit of yourself, even the flaws. When a man sees that you know who you are and embrace your individuality as a woman, he WILL swoon over you. Your confidence is the largest turn on. 

4. You are comfortable sexually. Everyone has different preferences and different opinions when it comes to leading a comfortable sex life. Sex is a healthy form of expression and you should love who you are, what you look like naked, and to touch and be touched. This doesn’t always pertain to intercourse or even being in a bed for that matter. This can be something as small, but as heartwarming, as a hand hold. This should make you feel good and you should want to make others feel good, as well.

5. You are confident. I truly believe that confidence radiates from within. If you feel good on the inside, you will shine on the outside. Your confidence, mixed with your positivity, and happiness is the sexiest trio a man can ever hope for…Need I say more?

6. You know what you want. Your tolerance for “boys” should have completely subsided and your thirst for quality men should be quenched by their own desires to be consistent with you and make you feel good. If he doesn’t make you feel good, toss him to the side, babe!

7. You know how to get it. I can sell ice to an Eskimo. Literally igloos everywhere. You know how to get someone to desire you when they spark your interest…or at least gain their attention. You have had a lot of practice with the trial and error of career, life, and love and aren’t scared to go for it! If you don’t ask, you don’t get (the best words of wisdom given to me by my father)!

8. You’re independent. Yes! You control your destiny. Enjoy the journey, take a deep breath, and go with it. You don’t need a man to be happy and you don’t need to conform to what everyone else is doing. You just need to be happy, healthy, and strong. What’s to come is just an added bonus to  your already fabulous, independent life.

9. Your life excites your friends. Rooting for you from the sidelines, your friends want you to be with the best possible person. I literally don’t know what I would do without the support of my girlfriends as I continue on this journey. While your other friends are married with children, you can do you and enjoy your “me time”. And let’s be honest, the group chats with your married BFF’s begin at 7am after a great date you had the night before! They LOVE living vicariously through you and their encouragement is so up-lifting.

10. You can go out with your younger friends and get mistaken for their age. This has become something I am extremely proud of. The average age that people think I look is 27, so I literally take it and RUN. Nice to meet you! Aw, you think I’m 27!? It was SO nice to meet you! Bye, huuuuge hug!

11. You are dating to look for “the one”. Like I said above, NO MORE BOYS! MEN, MEN, MEN. You are only worthy of a man who is worthy of you and don’t you forget that! But don’t worry! He is out there and looking for you too! Timing is everything.

12. You get to fall in love again. This is surely the best, most exciting thing about being 31 and single. Butterflies, heart palps, and 24/7 bliss, there is no better feeling than this. Yes , I even just rhymed by accident. It’s that special. sigh.

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