The Men We Love But Hate To Date

Ladies, one word. Games. You love them, right? Big no, no.

The attraction of women to “game playing” men is an unexplainable magnetism. If a guy is mean to her, she loves it. If he is too nice, something is wrong with him. What are we, 12? I have had my slip ups, like any of us do, and I learned my lesson fast and a very long time ago. Allowing some of these men into my life was like taking a pill I couldn’t get enough of. I gave them so much power to fuel their insecurities that it became a sick game of entrapment and heartache, something I look back on and just can’t believe I allowed to happen. But, hey, life is about growth, right? Happy to say that I am wayyy past those days in my  life, I always, always, always like the nice guy; the guy who makes an effort, the guy who is in touch, and the guy who is consistent with a big heart to match. How can women still like these types of men and their dirty games? You are better off without him, girlfriend! If he is not putting in the effort, eff him! With many tequila induced conversations with my girlies and my own personal experiences, these are the men you should delete from your phone if you are looking to be serious, fall in love, and settle down. No, like now. Why are they called crushes? Because you always get crushed.

The pen pal. The man who continues to write you, but never makes a plan could possibly mean he is keeping you on the back burner in case it doesn’t work out with another girl he is dating OR he is just unavailable and needs female attention when he gets a free minute in his day. We do not want pen pals. We are no one’s second place prize. We’re #1, hey!

The liar. Like a spider, you can catch this man in a web of lies. He will start to lose track of what he told you and someone else he is seeing. He might even tell you he texted you when he didn’t. Does this look like the face of a woman who believes you? I think not.

The player. He is usually charming, handsome, and gets his way. This man is not marriage material and will sometimes even tell you he isn’t looking for something serious, which is respectable, but he will play you like a fiddle and only contact you when it is convenient for him.

The serial dater. Always looking for the next best thing. His hobby is “dating apps.” Swipe right, swipe left, swipe right AWAY FROM US, MISTER! Which brings me to the next one…

The commitment phobe. You spend so much time together since you met many months ago, but he just won’t pull the “I want you to be my girlfriend” trigger. If he can’t live without you at this point or is scared and unsure, you need someone who will be. Move on.

The bad prioritizer. This man makes last minute plans. 1. his other date probably just cancelled or 2. he literally just sucks. Hello, you are busy too with your fabulous life. He should be so lucky to even get one date with you. MAKE. A. PLAN.

The unavailable. Refer to unavailable’s annoying BFF, above. Pen pal..

The manipulator. This man takes, takes takes. Everything is on his schedule and his terms and he never takes your life into consideration. He takes away your confidence, your sanity, and your self worth. He manipulates, is conniving, and causes you emotional and mental pain. RUN FOR THE HILLS. Or the nearest Barney’s so you can buy a new dress because you’re going out tonight to meet a fabulous guy.

So what about all the amazing men in this world!? There are so many great guys and they’re looking for you too! You just have to “drop the zero and get with the hero”. I am sorry, I had to. The 80’s movie, Space Girl’s Are Easy is just everything.

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