I don’t even know where to begin. I write you this entry with tear-filled eyes and utter shock as I look down at my typing fingers with an engagement ring on.

My heart has never been filled with so much love and I am just so over the moon happy right now that my whole body is numb. This is the best feeling in the world.

First, let me start off by saying how excited I am to share my proposal story and more photos with you. After Aaron proposed and as I was calling my family and best friends, I was thinking of each and every one of you too. The excitement was overwhelming and the entire journey on finding my one true love was flashing before my eyes. How could any of this be real? I can’t wait to take you on the carousel ride of my proposal. Let’s begin…

As you know from my instagram and stories, the entire week before my proposal I was extremely sick. Looking back, I get so upset thinking about how stressful this must have been on Aaron! It seriously makes me want to cry. OY I am so sorry, babe! I woke up on Thursday with a headache like I have never had before. I could barely move, was dizzy, and seeing spots. It was so scary. I was put on an antibiotic, by Friday was slowly starting to feel better, and gained the energy to pick myself up from out of bed and shoot with Lisa. Since I was sick all week and Aaron was slammed at work (aka: avoiding me as much as possible), we hadn’t spent much time together last week. I woke up to this on Friday (and yes, he is always this cute so I didn’t think anything was suspicious).:


Not only did I have to shoot for a collaboration deadline, but I had been bugging Lisa about shooting on the carousel for months and today was the only day either of us could do it before another break in our schedules. Little did I know that she and Aaron were plotting this day for two months! So sneaky, those two little honey’s! As Friday went on, Lisa kept pushing back the shoot time because she was going around Aaron’s schedule that day! I almost cancelled the shoot numerous times because of how delayed everything was getting. She wanted to kill me! In the end, she convinced me to go because she demanded that the dress had to be shipped back. THANK GOD SHE DID! CAN YOU IMAGINE IF I CANCELLED!?

Since Lisa and I love creating special stories together for my instagram feed, we both envisioned an “edgy fairytale/black swan” moment for the carousel shoot. I was so excited to shoot here. Lisa had a very special dress sent over for me by a friend of hers, Michael de Paulo. This dress. 

When we finally arrived to the carousel, it was 90 degrees, I was walking around in a puffy tutu, and my makeup and hair were slowly dwindling away. In the background, Aaron was hopping tree to tree as Lisa was giving him the green light when my back was turned and then again when I was going round and round on the carousel. Picturing A bopping around tree-to-tree in his suit sweating warms my heart for some reason. He is just the cutest, lol. Lisa and I walked up to the ticket counter, purchased a ticket, and like a little kid who just left ballet class, I waited in line for my horse ride, giddy as ever.  I got on the white horse I wanted and waited for other people, but we just started moving. I screamed to Lisa, “Yay! They let us have our own ride?” “Yes! It’s amazing”, she replied. I went round and round about 5x and then the carousel stopped. They stopped me on the side where I had to walk around a little bit to find my way out. As I was walking out of the carousel, I saw my Prince Charming coming at me. “Babe! What are you doing here!?” He just smiled, not a word. At that moment, I could feel my entire body go numb and my heart sank into my pretty crystal sandals. “Wait, what? Is this it? Is this happening? Is this our time?” “It is our time”, he replied. Aaron then went on to say the most beautiful words a man has ever said to me. Words that I can never share with anyone. When he opened the ring box, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I could care less about the ring and more about the man standing before me. He was so worth the wait. Is this real life? Look at this man? After blacking out for a good 1o seconds and rocking back and forth, Aaron looked and said, “So it is a yes!? Do you say yes?!” I  leaned over and kissed him as on goers were clapping and chanting. I of course said yes. He placed the beautiful ring onto my ringer and just like that, we were engaged. Lisa was there capturing every moment (and sobbing like a little angel), all of the happiness, all of the tears. The fact that one of my best friends, who is also my photographer, was there during this moment was so extremely special and a moment Aaron and I will never forget. The three of us were hugging and crying and a family friend was there too to video the entire moment. It was truly a fairytale dream come true.

We left straight from the carousel and headed to a surprise dinner where my whole family and in-laws were waiting for us. We rushed out of dinner to what I never imagined would happen next. I took a pit stop to run home to change into my white dress I had bought a few weeks ago in hopes that Aaron would propose soon. I know, I am nuts, haha! Since my brother is having his first baby in June, I figured it would happen before then so I wanted to be stylishly prepared, can you blame me!? 🙂

I live one block from the Gramercy Park Hotel and adore it. Aaron said he got a bunch of tables in Rose Bar so we would be heading there after dinner to meet up with a few friends. Most of my friends said “they would try” to make it and each rushed off the phone when I showered them with the amazing news. I was so confused, but so happy, that I didn’t have time to think about them blowing me off or else I would have been confused, haha! As we pulled up A said that they moved us to the roof, as the bar was too crowded already. I said, “Oh, mom, it’s my favorite rooftop! I want to have my shower here!” How ironic? As the elevator doors opened and the curtains were pulled, 100 of my closest friends and family were in front of me. You can see this video at my instagram feed. It was the second MOST surprised I have ever been and the second most overwhelming moment of my life. Aaron worked for a month with my parents and friends to prepare the most special surprise for me. He sent an email out a month ago to each person to tell them we would be engaged on May 19th and for no one to ruin the surprise! HOW INSANE!? I can’t even believe the cat never got out of bag. We partied the night away and I have never shed more happy tears in my life. I can’t wait to shed more.

This is going to be such an incredible journey, but this journey wouldn’t be the same if I couldn’t share it with you. Thank you so much for being on this wild ride with me and sharing in myself and Aaron’s happiness. My road to finding “the one” was not an easy path, but I am so glad I never settled for anyone less then Aaron. I may have come in last place, but I won the first place prize.

You all mean so much to me and I can’t wait to have you by my side on all of my wedding carousel rides to come.

All my love,


Carousel Photo: Lisa Richov

Party Photos: Russell Starr


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