Baby Watts Gender Reveal!

Ahhh, the gender reveal!

This past Saturday, the gender reveal video launched at my instagram feed and WOW, just WOW! I am still speechless from all the love, support, and excitement you have all shared with Aaron and I. We are blown away and just so over the moon to OFFICIALLY announce that THE LIL' GQ WATTS PRINCE IS ON HIS WAY! 

A lot of you were writing, asking me if I knew the gender at the reveal, and the answer is 1000000% NO! Lauren, my amazing assistant, is the ONLY ONE who knew the gender of the baby. My parents didn't even know. The day before the reveal, she had a scheduled call with my gyno's office to find out the sex and the next night was the reveal, so my reaction is a REAL, PURE moment. If you check out my stories highlights under "Gender Reveal", you can see a few BTS clips of the day into night and I am clearly being tortured by not knowing! Haha.

Now, onto the story of how this came about! You will be shocked to learn that I actually did NOT want a huge gender reveal. Of course, that went from zero to a hundred real quick, when Lauren insisted that she make it super special for me. "Let's do a balloon. Let's do a cake. What about a smoke bomb?", I would say. "No, we are lighting up this city, Linds!" The entire reveal was literally her vision for me and Lauren didn't sleep until she made it happen. I, on the other hand, was a natural stress ball about it, but Lauren ensured me it would be perfect and she was right. It was pure perfection on every level. Laur, I LOVE YOU!

Lauren had to use a "membership only" app in order to gain access to the color wheel to the top of the Spireworks building. On January 4th, we went to the rooftop of the Monarch Hotel and lit up the sky! My friends and super talented videographers, Amanda and Jason, were there to capture the entire reveal. And what happened next was a total shock...

IT'S A BOY!!! Ladies, forget all the old wives tales, anything you have heard, or anything you have read! I could have sworn GIRL for three months and all signs pointed to girl! My friends and family thought girl, all my cravings pointed to girl from the forums I was reading, Chinese gender calendars even revealed GIRL, and mostly all of you thought girl, as well, from my polls. Even A was surprised and in total shock. We always imagined we would have a boy, but I was convinced that our first was a girl. Mixed with shock were feelings of being ecstatic, happy, blissful, and 'floating on a million clouds'. I walked into my apartment that night to find a baby blue heart balloon floating above two baby socks with a card that Lauren had left for Aaron and I (the balloon and one pair of socks is in the insta pic I just posted). It was so special and all my shock went away. Our Prince is on his way. A beautiful, healthy son. He is going to be the love of my life. Bye, A. (haha).

Our sweet little love is arriving early July, 2019 and we can't be more excited to meet him; a little "A" on the way. I am SO grateful to have you on this journey with me and share in the joy of me becoming a mother very, very soon. Our mini muffin loves having you too! 

It truly only gets better from here...

Love you so much!
Linds (and Baby Boy Watts)


  • Kathi Glist

    I can’t find info about the diaper bag you received earlier this week. I want to purchase it as a gift. Thank you.

  • Ginger

    Congrats to the both of you& finding out it’s a boy! Having a little boy is like no other because you’ll always & forever be the apple 🍎 of his eye, the love ❤️ of his life!

  • Starr Goldberg

    Lindsi I can’t tell you how excited and happy Stan and I are for you. We still remember you as a little girl and still see that adorable face in your adult life. ❤️

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