Ladies! Wow! Welcome to the NEW SO LINDSI! I am so excited to have new platform for us where we can further engage with one another and you can get to know me even better! 

When asked which topics you would love to read more of, many of you wrote in about entrepreneurial topics, which was so inspiring, personally, for me to see. I love helping you achieve your daily goals and turn lifelong career dreams into reality, so I am super excited to share my tips on how to navigate being your own boss babe!  

Whether you are the new kid on the block or “boss babe-ing” for years now, it doesn’t matter, there is always something new to learn! I have been my own boss since I was 24 (now I’m 34) and I still feel like I learn something new and exciting about being on my own, everyday. It’s not easy, that’s for one, but by the end of this article, you’ll be on your way to building a better brand and more badass YOU as you create “your baby”.

Establish your career goals and business plan: If you do not already have a business idea or plan set in place, no need to fret! Start thinking about what you are most passionate about, what do people compliment you on the most, what do you envision yourself doing and BEING HAPPY with? Answering these crucial questions will get you steps closer to understanding what you want to do. I receive LOADS of messages from you ladies sharing how you feel anxious because you are in college and don't know what you want to do or are meant to be doing, BUT THAT FEELING IS NORMAL. I had to work in four different departments in the fashion industry to finally understand that I was meant to be a stylist; that that was truly my calling. Write every idea down, and most importantly, start thinking about what makes you different in the industry you are trying to be in. What makes you different will set you apart in your field and I would say this is the most important question people will ask you in business meetings. Know the answer!

Get yourself on a schedule: This is probably the #1 thing a boss babe has to do when starting off. HR isn’t going to come knocking when you’re not “clocking in” everyday or a manager isn’t telling you that you’re on the early shift, so you need to be your own HR, manager, assistant, intern, boss, etc. Get up the same time everyday if you can and get the day going! Grab a cafe lattè and hit the ground running babe!

Plan ahead: Buy an actual pen-to-paper calendar (yes-old school!) or notebook and map out your full week ahead. What are your goals? Who do you want to connect with? What do you want to learn this week?

Use your connections, contacts, and friends: Honey’s! This is muy importantè! Think of everyone you know who can help you, give you insight, answer your questions! People dating from as far back as elementary school could be beneficial in helping your career NOW. I have connected with SO many people from childhood in being my own boss all these years and so many of them have brought a lot of value and other connections my way. I always say to myself, “you MUST be a kind person to everyone! You never know who can help you along the way.”  Please take this crucial advice and treat everyone with respect. Contact them, meet them for coffee, cross promote...anything to get the word out about your brand and learn new things from others! You’re increasing your brain power and expanding your mental roladex! This WILL get you far!

Network network network: Similar to the above, attend the events of the brands/people you want to meet/work with. This is mandatory for any boss babe looking to start/grow/expand their brand! 

Draft emails: I’m legit up at midnight drafting emails to send the next morning. This is the most efficient way I catch up after being away from my computer all day. No emails go overlooked and your inbox won't clog up. Brands and people notice when you don't get back to them in a timely manner, so being on top of your emails is SO important!

Support others in your industry: Goes hand in hand with networking, supporting others in your industry is HUGE. Also, this is how you can make new friends, connections, and work relationships. If you are supporting someone, that person is highly likely to support you in your endeavor! Again, it's all about expanding your network and creating that mental roladex!

Create lists: Lists will be your BFF. Plain and simple. Make a list for EVERYTHING on your mind that you need to do. Go down the list, one by one, until you have crossed everything off. There is NO BETTER FEELING IN THE WORLD! 

Don’t let them chase YOU: aka: BE ON TOP OF YOUR SHIT! Follow up, don’t take "no" for an answer, and don't be afraid to be confident! There is a difference between cocky and confident, remember that! 



  • Charlotte Faith

    This was published on my birthday! I think that’s a sign? But wow, such a great read for the new year! Going on my second year of running my own platform and I really want to expand this year! So glad I found your blog, love the message, the fashion and most of all the personality. Seriously inspired, thanks Lindsi xoxo-Charlotte Faith @fashionfaithfood

  • Esmeralda Diaz

    I love this! I am starting out my own blog and I found it has been difficult not knowing where to start or who to talk to.

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