Hi my babes! Spending so much time at my desk is what inspired this blog article! As I looked around my desk the other day, I realized that there were so many fun and stylish gadgets and gizmos that I LOVE, that...
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Hi babes!

I am SO excited to share what will be the first of MANY book sharing moments between us.

The other day when I asked for book recommendations for my honeymoon, I was incredibly amazed at the immense response that came in! More so, that you were requesting for me to share the recommendations that others gave me so you could read them too! It makes me feel incredibly proud that I’ve built a...

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Hi, my loves!

Wow…just wow! Where to begin!? Sigh.

Since I am still not 100% recovered from the most magical, special day of my life, I hope this post allows you to feel the true happiness in my heart and smiles that radiated through me on this day. First and foremost, let me say that I have never felt so much love or warmth in one room than I did on March 10th. Each person that was a part of this...

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Hello, my beauteous loves!

I am so excited to share the latest and greatest in NYC department stores: the renovation of Home Floors 6 and 7, at Bloomingdales 59th Street! Ok, ladies, so as you all know, I recently moved into my new apartment and have tons of decorating to do! I was so excited to partner with Bloomingdales to bring you an inside peek as to what’s new to the beautiful...

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