Pregnancy FAQ's from YOU!

FAQ'S: Answering your questions from my stories! 
Were you planning to get pregnant soon after marriage? Yes! Aaron and I were ready for children the moment we got engaged! We were very excited to stop "being careful" after we became husband and wife. I am 34 and Aaron is 41, so of course, naturally worrying about fertility was on our mind. You just never know. We are SO thankful and feeling very blessed that we didn't have to wait long before we got pregnant. 
What do you do for your headaches? I am pregnant and have horrible headaches! Ugh, babe! I hear you! NOTHING IS WORSE. I took tylenol and drank coca cola on ice. There isn't much else you can do, unfortunately. Lie down in a dark room, light a candle, put an ice pack on your head, and make your spouse rub your back. Feel better!
When are you due? Beginning of July! Looks like I will have a Cancer baby! I am HUGE horoscope person and don't know much about Cancer's so now I am deep diving into educating myself! 
When did you tell family/friends and how did you hide going out and not drinking? I told family and my bestest friends right away. I needed the support of my mom and dad and my girlies. And as far as going out goes, DON'T! Haha! I avoided as many events and dinners as possible. The only times I went out were for charity events and my dear friends' wedding. It was hard to keep it a secret there and I had my friends breathing down my neck, but made it work!
Has how you eat/your diet changed at all since becoming pregnant? I was SO extremely sick and nauseous in the first trimester that I could only eat pasta, pizza, and dry cereal. I have never dieted in my life and don't plan to make myself crazy throughout my pregnancy. I want to eat what makes me and the baby happy and really enjoy this experience. So answer your question, I have never stressed about food, and I don't plan on doing it now. A healthy balance of clean eating and cravings is what I am about. 
Did you find anything that helped your morning sickness? I drank A TON of ginger ale, ate lemons like a feen, smelled oranges, ate ginger chews, and sucked on preggo pops!
How did you pick your OBGYN? Who do you use in NYC? I use Dr. Lauren Feit on the UES. I have been going to her for almost a decade. She has been through every breakup, scare, and breakdown I have ever have. Hands down the best OBGYN in NYC and I couldn't recommend her enough. Tell the office I sent you!
Will you move apartments for the babe? We only moved into our current apartment one year ago, so we will be staying here for this babe. I will be sharing my nursery decor journey with you, and I am SO excited about that! When we have another baby, we will probably move to a larger home.
What prenatal vitamin do you take? I am on Citranatal Harmony. I was actually on it FOR YEARS before even getting pregnant, with the greenlights from gynecologist AND my dermatologist, to grow my hair out. I never saw any crazy side effects and it never made me nauseous. This is a prescription prenatal, so please consult with your gyno to find the prenatal that best suits you. 
Are you wearing maternity clothes yet? I am not and I actually don't plan on wearing any maternity clothing until I really need to. The one thing I have struggled with so far is pants! Oy vuy vuy! I haven't wanted to put a pair of jeans on my body in forever and everything hurts my tummy. DL1961 makes amazing maternity jeans, that they so kindly gifted me. Definitely check them out!
Have you changed your skincare routine since carrying your little one? Yes, I immediately ran to my dermatologist, Dr. Panta Schaffer, to switch it up. You babes ALWAYS ask me who my derm is and now you know! I still use Skinceuticals and am loving a new brand that just sent some "mommy safe" product called Visha. Check it out! "My Everyday Makeup Routine" will be published soon to the blog, so also stay tuned!
What are your cravings? French toast, corn muffins, oatmeal, hot pastries, melted cheese (pizza, nachos, grilled cheese, Mac n cheese), pasta baked ziti or plain with butter, sour gummies, baked potato, cereal with milk, crunchy cold Frappuccino’s or smoothies eaten with a fork, bagels, loads of berries and citrus fruits, cottage cheese, french fries.
Aversions: steak, spicy, fish, salads, sushi, chicken anything

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