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I am so excited to share the latest and greatest in NYC department stores: the renovation of Home Floors 6 and 7, at Bloomingdales 59th Street! Ok, ladies, so as you all know, I recently moved into my new apartment and have tons of decorating to do! I was so excited to partner with Bloomingdales to bring you an inside peek as to what’s new to the beautiful floors there. It was such a fun photoshoot, shot by my friend and photographer, Madi Atkins.

I don’t know why, but I have always been so tempted to do a photoshoot in any “Home” section of a specialty department store. Maybe it’s the perfectly tight bed sheets or the dreamy layouts, but either way, my dream came true with Bloomingdales! I was dancing around, lounging on beds, bouncing up and down, and playing hide and seek with Madi, all while sales associates looked on as if I was a fifteen year old giddy girl.  The 6th floor is furniture and mattresses and the 7th floor is tabletop, registry, and gift tables; both super welcoming and beautiful in their own individual settings and easy to navigate. I also found the newly renovated luggage section and was instantly drawn to what I saw next!

There sat Ted Baker’s new line of luggage (that is flying out of store by the way!). MAJ SWOON!  I was totally obsessing over the powder pink carry-on piece with girly bow details (also comes in black, ladies!). It was SO LINDSI! The layout and design of the new floors made it easy to bounce back and forth and go from section to section with fluidity and ease. This made it super easy to find what I was looking for. My shopping experience was enjoyable and memorable so definitely check it out if you are looking to add a new touch to your living space or grab a beautiful, new piece of luggage! I know I am…




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