Hair Growth Secrets Recommended BY YOU!


Hey babes!

You know how OBSESSED I am with hair, any hair related products, and GROWTH. When I was at the salon a couple weeks ago going back brunette, I asked to bring my community together and hear everyone's hair growth secrets. The below is your master list. I was also super excited to read about so many brands and remedies that I never heard of before. They must be EXTRA secret, which means I am in!

I am SO excited to share everything you all said in one place, so you can all learn from each other and get your hair back in check!

Here were your recommendations (a lot were repeated, so the "****" stands for popularity amongst you all.

    • Rice water 
    • Oribe "gold lust"
    • Olapex step 3 leave in
    • Nature's bounty hair skin and nails 
    • Boldify shampoo + conditioners
    • Vital protein Collagen powder******
    • Olaplex mask 
    • Organic Olivia Mane magic 
    • Viviscal ****
    • Hairtamin 
    • Mane-n-tail shampoo/conditioner
    • Silk pillow cases
    • Mibon hair treatment 
    • T3 hair dryer
    • castor oil
    • rosemary oil
    • liquid collagen
    • Panthenol drops or spray
    • Harklinikken Center 
    • Scalp treatments 
    • Kerastase *****
    • omega foods (salmon, avocado, nuts)
    • Coconut oil ******
    • Ouai leave in conditioner
    • Biotin******
    • PRP
    • Revlon unique one- all in one spray
    • Peppermint oil with a carrier base
    • Monat Hair Growth
    • marine collagen
    • Probiotic
    • fish scale collagen 
    • Mesotherapy 
    • OGX coconut miracle oil shampoo + conditioner
    • Moon Juice's natural supplements 
    • Aveda shampoo + conditioner
    • Mighty majesty fortifying hair serum
    • cranio therapy massages
    • Organic castro oil 
    • nutrafol *******
    • Cinnamon oil on scalp over night
    • Barimelts vitamins
    • prenatal vitamins
    • eggs whites + honey mixed together 1 x a month
    • Jason shampoo 
    • jojoba oil mask 
    • iron supplement with vitamin c 
    • fresh aloe vera and apply on scap 
    • eufora thickening treatment shampoo + serums 
    • Hum sweet hair
    • Acure shampoo + conditioner
    • Laser cap
    • Nioxin
    • I-cystine
    • lysine
    • biosil *****
    • Neuma beauty
    • Navy hair care brand
    • Pura d'Or
    • Kiehls pre shampoo oil Magic Elixir 
    • Phyto suppplement 
    • Sugar Bear Hair
    • Modern Nature intense repair shampoo 
    • Navy haircare
    • Virtue haircare
    • Olly undeniable beauty gummies
    • Righteous roots RX oil
    • tumeric 
    • almond oil
    • ritual vitamins
    • LUSH naked shampoos 
    • Trader Joe's multivitamins
    • Oribe hair shampoo
    • Briogeo shampoo + conditioner 
    • JS Health hair and energy vitamins
    • Jet Peel treatment 
    • Pumpkin seed oil
    • System Professional balance energy serum


  • Janet Powell

    I loved your French coffee cups! Where can I find them?

  • Lu

    Hello so many products I need help with receding hair curly in the 60 plus

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