Hello my loves,

Times are very scary and weird right now, that’s a given. But I’m here to distract you and also keep you on the right productive track.

I’ve been working from home for 11 years (ummm whoa! Lol) so I deem myself a complete pro on how to get the job done from the comforts of home.

Please enjoy my tips & tricks! xx

1. Wake up when you normally do to keep the flow of your routine

Setting "firm" working hours will help add structure to your day, making you more productive. 

2. Get dressed out of your pajamas

You don't have to dress up like you're about to go to the Met Gala but changing out of your pajama's will help you take working from home more seriously, which will help you be more efficient. 

3. Set up a designated "Work From Home" area

The more you feel like you are in your office, the better you'll be able to concentrate. By setting up a designated office area, this will also help provide boundaries to roommates and or other family members you are living with, who may also be home.  

4. Make a to-do list & don't move onto the next item until you've finished the first 

Don't forget to keep active communication between you and your co-workers, to maintain your work load. Take initiative by asking your boss and or co-workers for a quick morning phone call to go over expectations & a call in the evening to recap the day. 

5. Give yourself lunch and coffee breaks 

Lets be honest...you're not working 8 hours straight in your office everyday, you are going to naturally take breaks during the day, as you should when you WFH. 

6. Get up & moving!

Working out is the best way to release any mental stress and tension. Try a Melissa Wood Tepperberg workout which offers quick but effective workouts to help you get moving. Set a reminder on your phone to stretch or try taking a 20 minute walk around your neighborhood while practicing social distancing. 

7. Manage your expectations 

No doubt this is a stressful, crazy time. Understand that you may not be as efficient and productive as you would be at your office. But also, understand that no one is expecting you to be. It's going to take some time to get adjusted to your new schedule, so treat yourself kindly. 

8.  Put your work away when you're finished

Probably one of the most important steps...put your work away at the end of the day. Working from home comes with a constant struggle defining your "work" from your "home" environment. By closing out your day & putting your work away, you'll be able to keep a nice work and home balance. 

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  • Jackie Brettt

    Love these suggestions. Always worked from home, but didn’t have husb & kids all up in my space before. Creating a new normal now!

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