My First, Clean Beauty Adventure: Picks, and Hits!

FINALLY babes! I am so excited to share my clean beauty haul with you. I never thought that I would even want to make this transition or ever have this desire, to be honest. I literally woke up two months ago and was like, "I need a change". Pregnancy has definitely sparked this interest and burning desire to just BE BETTER. I am not 10000% transitioned into everything being green, but I am starting with my skincare and starting to dabble into new makeup brands. As you saw from my stories the other week, I took a "me" day and did my first "clean beauty/skincare" adventure in the city. I went to Credo and The Detox Market, both amazing, clean, skincare shops in NYC.

After feeling this major urge, I did an extensive amount of research and also took so much of your great advice to invest in SO MUCH clean, non-toxic beauty. Let me say that clean beauty IS AN INVESTMENT! You are paying for super high-quality ingredients that you don't get in other skincare, so just a heads up. What is the plus side to the investment is that a little goes a very long way and your products can last a very long time. Another HUGE plus is that my skin is GLOWING and radiant since using clean skincare. Even A notices a difference! :) 

Since my first shop two months ago, I have purchased SO much more beauty and skincare and also did so much more research, so I of course will be sharing it all while I am on bed rest with the baby, but this is a fantastic start and where I started. 

Please shop my fav skincare/beauty products below. All So Lindsi tried, tested, approved and are items I use everyday. ENJOY!  xo

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