How To: Have an at Home Spa Day

IIt’s time we all take a second for ourselves. Aka: run away from everyone around us and practice self love. We deserve time to relax and just BE, even if it’s for a quick at-home spa day (more like 5 minutes). Watch my IGTV here and follow all the steps below to the most blissful at home spa, So Lindsi style!

  1. Escape everyone in the house
  2. Light a candle
  3. Put your hair up or in towel / headband
  4. Apply your fave lip balm
  5. Steam your face to open the pores
  6. Splash cold water to tighten the pores
  7. Apply under-eye patches
  8. Apply a face oil or serum
  9. Gua-Sha facial tool to release facial tension & lymphatic drainage
  10. BONUS STEP: Use a Ped-Egg to exfoliate your feet
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