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Happy FriYAY! What a perfect day to be talking glam with you!

Last night, I attended the pre-opening party at Sephora’s newest and largest store in North America, at 112 West 34th! It was seriously INCREDIBLE. Um, did you see my stories!? Wow, we have SO much to discuss.

I was so honored to be chosen to partner with Sephora to be one of the first people to play inside Sephora’s second “Beauty TIP workshop” (the first is at the 5th Avenue location)! This is literally the Willy Wonka of beauty factories (raise hands!). Straight through the rose embellished, glass doors was a magical makeup playhouse just begging for girls like us to play in. You guys, I was living a literal makeup dream. The The studios are separate from the Beauty TIP Workshop. The new story elements include the “Beauty TIP (Teach, Inspire, Play) Workshop”, beauty, fragrance, and skincare studios and even a very cool invention called the Moisture Meter.

All of my photos above are in the exact order that I visited each station. I wanted you to be able to live the experience vicariously through me, as if you were there.

The Beauty TIP is right in the middle of Sephora and ready to capture your beautiful face. With product, an iPad, and photo sharing, I could have literally sat there all day-and I am sure I will at some point! Haha…

The Fragrance Studio was one of the coolest inventions I have ever seen with my own two eyes. I was able to choose which notes I usually go for on a digital screen and then place my nose above a vent that actually BLOWS OUT the scent!!! How insane is that!? I couldn’t believe my eyes…or should I say nose? It was beauty magic. The next section was the perfume area. Did you know that Sephora now carries Joe Malone!? Oooo and also La Mer? Getting fancy pants over here in NYC, babes! Ok, back to scents. Ready for this? You can get your perfume and cologne bottles ENGRAVED and it is FREE OF CHARGE! Such a good gift idea!

The Skincare Studio is available to take skincare IQ diagnostics, as well as receive mini facials! YES, you can now receive mini facials at Sephora. I joked that I could wake up in the morning and just head to Sephora now from start to finish…but not joking at all! 😉 They also have a new digital tool called the Moisture Meter that measures how much moisture is in your skin. You can see how excited I was above because I was told I have excellent moisture and elasticity to my skin. Believe me, when you are 32 you will understand why I got so excited, haha! You have to moisturize, ladies!

And my favorite part of the night, which you were able to see if you watched my snaps, was the Interactive Virtual Experiences. Ladies!! ALERT!! Muy importanté! You can now go into Sephora 34th Street and TRY ON EYE LASHES AND LIPSTICK through a computer! Its the “Cher from Clueless virtual wardrobe of makeup”! The iPads also airbrush you and make you look like the Goddess you already are, but better! I was flipping out and almost walked out of the store, pulling this technology out the wall. Imagine how good your selfies would be if you had this in your house!? It’s definitely something to think about.

But until then, you will have to swing by Sephora 34th Street to experience this oh-so-fabulous makeup-gasm. Trust me, you will never look at beauty the same.

Have a great and safe weekend, loves!

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