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Let’s talk bridal. Let’s talk beauty, skincare, and brows!

Firstly, let me say that I was never one of those girls who was obsessed with brows (my BFF’s would be very confused about this, lol), but believe it or not, I am pretty low maintenance with beauty. I like the occasional “fill in” of my brows or the occasional tweez; nothing crazy. But my latest experience changed my outlook on my furry fellows. Must. Have. Good. Brows.

I feel so lucky that I was able to team up with European Wax Center to make me feel and look my best in preparation for my wedding day, which is only less than five months away! Eeep!

The first time I went to EWC to get my eyebrows done, I have to say, I had the best waxing experience of my life. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true. My brow expert was amazing (Lisa was her name at the Park Avenue location, ladies!)! She was super attentive to me, my brows, and was even giving me lessons on which way my hair should go and which brow products to use. My brows needed some depth and definition and definitely a little lift-well, a big lift! Lisa explained to me that she was going to create a more defined arch at the top of my brow to give my brows a super chic shape that would be perfect leading up to my wedding day. Sounds amazing to me! I love a good arch! Well, at this point I looked like Big Bird and Bert combined, so I was just ready to be trimmed and any little snip would go a long way, but when I looked in the mirror after the wax, I was shocked to see what reflected back at me. A whole new face. I wasn’t a Sesame Street puppet anymore.  

Here are the steps I follow for my brow beauty routine (Lisa would be SO proud!):

1. First I brush them out with Brow Pals!, a dual-ended brush  brush, to see where they need filling in. 

2. I fill in with Browfection! Brow Liner & Shaper in Tawny. This pencil is incredibnly thin and the application is dummy proof!

3. Next, I apply Browfection! Powder Duo in Tawny/Ebony to give me that thick, supermodel brow everyone loves. This color, Tawny, works great on my complexion.

4. For an extra oomph and sultry affect that helps brows stay in place, I then apply the Browfection! Tinted Brow Builder in Medium. It has the tiniest brush for even the slimmest arches.

5. To highlight my arches, I glide on Oh My Brow! Highlighter in Pearl or Bronze. The perfect cherry on top to what you will now have, the perfect brows. 

The next concern I had was how to take care of my skin after such a great wax. Like any bride-to-be, we are not under a microscope in terms of how crazy we are with looking our best on our special day, we are under a NASA telescope only used to see stars…and our skin, of course. I wanted to minimize the hair growth of my brows and be able to exfoliate my skin to ensure the smoothest, radiant results. EWC products are super preventative in ways that other products aren’t. Slow It actually helps visibly reduce appearance and thickness of hair regrowth in between waxes and the Strut Smoothly Collection exfoliates while keeping in-grown hairs in check. My prayers have been answered. And what’s even better is that when you use these products combined with waxing services, not only are you looking like your most fabulous self, but your skin gets to reap all the benefits of absorbing high quality skincare to reveal your smoothest skin ever. Brides-to-be, see how important it is to start your waxing routine months out? Your hair gets on a schedule just like the busy bride! 😉

In my photos above, this is the first time any of you are seeing me in a veil. I was battling with  myself back and forth whether I wanted to share a moment like that before my wedding day, but I figured, why not! I am confident, I feel great, my skin looks fab, and let’s not forget…I have a great, new set of brows I’m workin’ with! 

Mention DBBride15 at your local European Wax Center and show my post as proof to get 15% ALL services until March 31st! #DavidsBridal @DavidsBridal

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